четвер, 15 вересня 2011 р.

Still cannot delete too long files from your pc? Here is Long Path Tool solution for you

Long Path Tool can delete such path too long files

Long Path Error Fixer does not require any special system.  It works on practically any version of Windows may it be NT, 2000, XP, Vista and even Windows 7.


When Is Long Path Tool Needed?

When Is Long Path Tool Needed?

When you are told that the file name is invalid or the path too long, you will surely handle the situation better by opting for the path too long tool. If you noticed a message indicating something like a sharing violation, or when you see error while trying to copy or file or folder, then it is time to use the path too long tool for effective and easy resolutions. If you had encounter a situation where some files could not be accessed, or you are asked to enter a shorter path because the file path you entered is too long, you shouldn't hesitate because you need the path too long utility program to effortlessly sort out the issues.