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filename too long to delete free software


Are you looking for filename too long to delete free software?

Then check Long Path Tool

filename too long to delete free software


Are you looking for filename too long to delete free software?

Then check Long Path Tool

Cant delete file too long


Lot of people cant delete file too long

But here are good news, there is easy solution for this problem - Long Path Tool

How to delete path too long


How to delete path too long?

It is easy, just try Long Path Tool

How to delete long path files and folder?


How to delete long path files and folder?

Long Path Tool was designed for resolving such kind of issues

cannot delete directory name too long

Long path file copier


Do you need to copy long path files or files which give you path too long error?

Try out Long path file copier

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File name too long to delete


If you continue to get problems with path too long wodering what to do if file name too long to delete,

then try out Long Path Tool for sure

When you are having problems with deleting, copying or renaming files on your computer, you should get an effective tool. You can find Long Path Tool to delete or copy folders and files with errors such as path too long or the filename too long. Basically search the file and then press the button to delete or copy it. Path too long application solves problems with the capacity to delete or copy files and folders with the long paths in Explorer. At times, errors are created by software programs, virus, adware and more. 

Make it possible for computer users to delete and copy files with path much longer than 260 characters right now!

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voip sdk


Voip Sdk gives opportunity to integrate rich voip and sip functionality for your .net, com, other applications. You will get dtmf, multi-conference, noise control/supression, codecs, etc. features

Try our sip sdk today

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How to deal with path too long

How to deal with path too long

Do you have problems deleting/copying/renaming long path files?

This is not a dead end. There is hope for you. A tool is available to help when you cannot delete file or folders. You can also rename, copy, and unlock problem files anywhere on your computer through this tool.

Long Path Error Fixer Tool is a reliable utility which lets you delete unwanted files and folders. It is easy to use and has a very user friend interface anyone can navigate with no problems. It is also compatible with all Windows Operating System.

With this tool, you can find all long paths and files easily particularly those which are over 200 characters in length. It is even able to search for lengthy file names of up to 32,000 characters – the longest allowed by Windows. Despite lengthy file names though, there is no slow loading process to wait for. You can have your tasks completed in no time.

If you purchase the product, you are guaranteed free software updates for life. You may even download your free trial version online prior to purchase. Full or free version copies can get 100% support.

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How to fix when file path length exceeds 260 characters


I have used Windows XP for some days, it is beautiful reliable OS. But I got  problem trying to use Windows Backup for my private folders, Windows just poped up a error message, saying file path is too long... 

To fix that problem, I used path too long fixer

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filename is too long


I have a Windows XP with all the latest patches and updates installed( like service, etc. ). My PC has primary IDE Hard disk and a secondary SCSI HDD + common IDE CDWriter/DVD LG 

I was trying to copy files between these drives, as the resultI got:
"Cannot copy. .....filename..... The resulting file name is too long
Specify a different file name". 

These long files are typically IE favorites or maybe some other downloaded from internet files.

To fix path too long files, try Long Path Tool

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path too long


Recently I had file path too long with problematic long-named item.

It was given path too deep error.

I managed to resolve it with delete undeletable file tool

path too long


Whenever you need to copy,rename,remove,move,cut,omit,share files, windows gives errors like file is copy write protected, path too long, it is used by some other application or user,is blocked etc

To fix such kind of errors you should use path too long fixer

path too long


 The problem was trying to copy or move files. Sometimes it was not working due to long path name. So if path length was greater then 255 characters it was given path too long error.

I found path too long fixer and it helped me a lot.

path too long


Last days I am getting error "Cannot copy 'filename': Path too deep" whan I copy any file to my USB from the PC.

I am running XP SP2 - 320 GB Seagate HDD, 2 GB RAM + CD/DVD writer/reader.

I have tried:

1) Reformatting the USB drive (Transcend 4GB) as FAT32

2) Switching using the USB ports on the PC

3) Changing USB Cable

But nothing helped

But path too long fixer fixed that finally

Cannot delete file


Usually due to a hardware failure or for example cut in power supply, you can have some files which you will not be able to delete. Windows will show error messages like “Cannot delete file: Access is denied”. These redundant files cannot be me moved, renamed or deleted. Not only it is annoying, it is a waste of disk space if these files are large.

Try path too long fixer

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Filename is too long fix


Isn’t it great in case you really can control your decisions and alternatives at the least if you are actually sure you want to?

Effectively here is such a scenario. I try to title a file of mine but my personal computer says with the error message that the filename is too long. now

I am attempting to give the file a name which I’m certain will match it and I can later on acknowledge or retailer it appropriately. This kind of little situations irritates me.

That’s when I got to understand about Path too long utility.

And its wonderful. Not just that I can title the files it aids me in much more such circumstances.

Like this circumstance where the path you specified may be long or even the file you try to duplicate cannot be copied and so on. This basic plan arrives useful. With its straightforward interface and compactness it is one of many finest tools on the web. This error fixer performs magic on your personal computer. It could even be installed on any edition of windows. So you are offered free of charge updates for the whole existence time too. Hence this is one of many greatest I have arrive across. The application solves the situation with inability to duplicate and delete files and folders with long paths or locked by some application. They could be developed by virus/adware/different OS/other . Usually one can’t entry these kinds of files beneath Windows and for that reason can not delete them both. Allow us what you take into consideration this post by leaving your comment and feedback. We price your impression!

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Destination Path Too Long fix

Hello guys,

I get the following error "Destination Path Too Long" when tried to copy over my photos from my Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme 2TB portable hard drive.  I tried moving over 650GB of files (all of which are jpg, cr2, psd file formats) and got the message above. Tried to move over a smaller subset of 100GB but got the same message. The dialog box also contained the following text "You can shorten the file name and tr again, or try a location that has a shorter path".  This message truncates the copying process. 

But Path Too Long fix helped a lot in resolving this problem.

четвер, 10 березня 2011 р.

"Path Too Long" Error Message

Hi guys,


Windows Home Server has problems with large files above 4GB or 5GB. Using the simple copy-and-paste in Windows Explorer or by dragging and dropping from the source to the destination causes the system to either completely lock up or results in a “Path too deep” or "Path too long" error messages.

What Causes It?

It is mostly caused by having over 256 characters in the path. You have to remember that although the SHARE name is only for example serverRecordedTV, the actual folder on the WHS box is probably something like the following due to the way Drive Extender handles the data.:




So as you can see, with the above path, your directory and file naming can easily go over the 256 permitted characters.


What can you do?

Try Path Too Long fix

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Path Too Long

Hello all,

Are you still getting Path Too Long error?

Path name too long.


The number of characters in the complete path name (both file name plus all subdirectories) exceeds the file system limits. The maximum size of the path name depends on your operating system. As a general guideline, long path names greater than 160 characters might cause problems.

Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 clients can expand a server directory structure beyond MAX_PATH (256 characters) by accessing a server shareand creating directories and files through the network. 

As a result, a server running Windows NT 4.0 returns the following error message if the server administrator tries to access these files or directories locally on the server through Windows NT Explorer:

Can't access this folder.
Path is too long.

Try Path Too Long to fix it