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How to deal with path too long

How to deal with path too long

Do you have problems deleting/copying/renaming long path files?

This is not a dead end. There is hope for you. A tool is available to help when you cannot delete file or folders. You can also rename, copy, and unlock problem files anywhere on your computer through this tool.

Long Path Error Fixer Tool is a reliable utility which lets you delete unwanted files and folders. It is easy to use and has a very user friend interface anyone can navigate with no problems. It is also compatible with all Windows Operating System.

With this tool, you can find all long paths and files easily particularly those which are over 200 characters in length. It is even able to search for lengthy file names of up to 32,000 characters – the longest allowed by Windows. Despite lengthy file names though, there is no slow loading process to wait for. You can have your tasks completed in no time.

If you purchase the product, you are guaranteed free software updates for life. You may even download your free trial version online prior to purchase. Full or free version copies can get 100% support.

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